Glass 500ML Swing lid Lid Amber Fermenting Bottles freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Glass 500ML Swing lid Lid  Amber Fermenting Bottles freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Glass 500ML Swing lid Lid Amber Fermenting Bottles


 These sturdy glass bottles are perfect for storing Kombucha and Kefir in. No need for caps or a capper with these Swing Lid bottles.

Great for not only Kombucha and kefir but also for general storage of vinegars and also home made sauces. Bottles are 2 3/4" diameter x 10" tall with a capacity of 500ml.

These bottles are sold in Packs of 6 or 2 (includes swing lids) and are designed to store carbonated drinks in. 

 Available in clear or amber

Why do I need to use fermenting bottles? 

Poor quality or thin glass can actually be dangerous for Second fermentation (F2) if the pressure in the bottle builds up too much. Fermenting bottles are made with a different type of glass and are generally PSI tested to ensure that they can take the pressure that is created. Avoid square-shaped bottles or jars since those are more prone to explosions as the corners create a weak spot that will easily break under pressure.  I really want to stress the importance of using good-quality fermenting bottles and caps for second fermentation. You’re brewing a carbonated beverage and it’s a living thing, so it can be difficult to achieve perfect consistency every single time. You are also dealing with wild and natural yeasts and bacteria so they can be a little uncontrollable and can create a large amount of pressure.  If you use thin glass or poor-quality glass, you could have a dangerous mess on your hands if the carbonation builds and the glass can’t handle it.

 Keeping your F2 bottles in a closed cupboard or box (i find the chiller bags you can get at the supermarket perfect for this) will prevent glass from shattering everywhere and contain the liquid mess if something does happen to go wrong. But you should still steer clear of:

  • Decorative, coloured glass that’s not meant to hold liquids, these will easily break and may not even be food safe.

  • Flip-top bottles from IKEA/kilner. Kilner do not make any bottles that are suitable for fermentation and we hear about Ikea bottle exploding on a regular basis so they are best avoided. 

  • Square bottles (the shape doesn’t lend itself well to handling pressure and makes it more prone to explosions due to the weak spots in the corner)

  • Recycled beer bottles (Recycled kombucha bottles are fine) or Recycled Wine bottles. 

 Also please do check for faults, hairline fractures or cracks every time you use the bottles as this will also weaken the bottles and can lead to breakages. 

When your bottles arrive after delivery ensure that you check them thoroughly before the first use. 

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