Easy Sprout Sprouter freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Easy Sprout Sprouter freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Easy Sprout Sprouter



The old ways of sprouting are too slow, inconvenient and bothersome.

EASY-SPROUT™changes that. Now you can grow fresh sprouts (at home or away) and keep them conveniently at your fingertips.

Those who want extra containers for an abundance of ready-to-eat sprouts in the refrigerator will welcome the basic three-partSprout Keeper™ model (Inner & Outer container + Vented Lid ).

For 20+ years people have been using, loving and supplying these practical, effective, earth-friendly fingertip gardens. Why?


Because this unique quart-size, dual-container sprouting system (made of durable, easy-to-clean, quality food grade material - HDPE) is able to:

  • use the heat from sprouting seeds to circulate fresh, humidified air by naturalconvection.
  • prevent suffocation & dehydration so sprouts need less (or NOrinsing.
  • conveniently produce pound batches of healthier, tastier sprouts faster withminimal effort.
  • simplify and enhance "Travel Sprouting" and the storage of fresh sprouts in the refrigerator.

Fresh food lovers everywhere (& their hungry Parrots!) are sure to welcome the "plant today, harvest tomorrow" speed and convenience of these unique sprouters. EASY-SPROUT™ is such a fast, easy way to add vitality to our daily food supply, we should all be Easy-Sprouting!

Grow a pound of tasty sprouts in 8-48 hours with convenient 

Just soak 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups dry seeds, beans, grains or nuts for 1-12 hours, drain & sprout.

The EasySprout Sprouter allows you to sprout up to 500g with the minimal of effort. With its unique dual flask system your sprouts do not need daily rinsing, as this sprouter uses the heat generated by the germination of the seeds to circulate fresh, humidified air by means of convection - thus preventing suffocation and dehydration. Simply soak the seed in the inner flask for 12 hours and then lift out to drain. Then place in to the outer flask and leave a few days until sprouted. This ingenious device can fit in your fridge door shelf and can be stacked 3 high saving even more space and comes with a separator so 2 layers can be grown together. This also makes the Go-Sprout sprouter ideal for travelling or for around the house. Everybody needs an Easy Sprout Sprouter in their life.

Want to know more......Read All about Sprouts or Read our sprouting guide.



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