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Cabbage fermentation accessory set.

Cabbage fermentation accessory set.


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This set includes 1x cabbage grater, 1x cabbage pounder 

Authentic German made accessories to compliment your German fermenting crock

This wooden  3-blade cabbage slicer is a must-have tool for avid makers of traditional German sauerkraut. Shredding a cabbage can be hard work, but this large slicer makes it easy. Simply pop the cabbage in the little wooden box and slide along the bades. Giving you perfectly shredded cabbage. 

Pair this cabbage slicer with the fermenting crock pot with lid & stone for an authentic sauerkraut-making experience.

The cabbage slicer includes a wooden sliding hand guard to hold the cabbage and keep your fingers well away from the very sharp blades. The three blades finely shred the leaves and tougher stem of the cabbage, so no part goes to waste. The cabbage slicer also makes homemade coleslaw a breeze.

Material: Wood, robust design, 3 integrated blades, length: 55cm, width: 18cm. The slicer is equipped with 3 robust, stainless-steel blades. The sliding box runs along a milled groove.

Perfect for packing your sauerkraut or kimchi into your jars (especially narrow-necked jars). Solidly constructed cabbage pounder of hard beech, 60 x 7 cm. This cabbage pounder makes packing and punding your cabbage quick and easy. It has a nice flat bottom and sturdy handle long enough to reach into even large fermenters. 

Hand wash only with care. Do not soak.


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