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Jun Kombucha scobies

Jun's origin is unclear. It is thought to have originated in northern China and Tibet; It is very similar to kombucha except it is made with green tea and Raw honey. 

raw honey

PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT sell Jun scobies. Jun is often known as a beverage to aid enlightenment: It is believed that it was originally brewed by tibetan monks in their monasteries. Therefore commercial transactions of Jun culture are viewed by its creators to violate its intent, although it’s actual history is shrouded in rumor and mystery. We therefore only ask for P&P we do not "sell" the scoby to you we are gifting it. You are parting with money only for the packing and posting.

As there is so much debate over the origins and background to Jun and to be honest no factual dates or details to go on, we have not covered it here. If you want to read about it there is a great deal on line.

jun v kombucha

Jun is much lighter in colour and sweeter in taste to kombucha.

jun kombucha

It tends to brew a little faster than kombucha but grows scobies much more slowly (sometimes not at all) and the scobies tend to be very white in colour.

jun brew


If you would like to have one of our Kombucha Guru's jun babies then please download and fill in this form (or click on the pdf icon) and return it to info@happykombucha.co.uk.

We do have some criteria:

  • We can only offer a baby Jun scoby to Existing customers, please provide your most recent order number.
  • We can only offer a baby Jun to those that have experience in brewing Kombucha (Jun needs experience and therefore is not for newbies).
  • There will be a wait. Due to the demand and the fact that these are simply the babies from our Guru's scoby we do not have them often. When we do we will contact those interested in the order we received your request.

jun form