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Happy Kombucha must State that all the live cultures we sell are offered NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION as the legalities and exacting standards involved in selling Live cultures in the UK make the sale of live bacteria cultures destined for the human food chain almost impossible.
The cultures we sell are mother cultures. You Consume the medium the culture was put in e.g. milk, sugar ,water, tea etc. once inoculated with the culture we legally have to recommend that you do not consume.
 Because of EU rules and regulations we  cannot  say any of our products are beneficial to you due to exacting requirements in medical or health statements and also because there is a list of EU approved health statements that you are only allowed to use. Unsurprisingly when the list was written Cultured products were not considered so they are not even mentioned on the list, therefore all our  products are sold without promise of health benefits, we offer no valid claim to the medicinal qualities of the culture you receive.

 All Happy Kombucha products have been kept and packed to the highest standards of hygiene and every effort has been made to ensure no nuts or seafood has ever been near these cultures. Unfortunately, legally we would like to state that once you receive your items, You should wash the culture and make 1 or 2 batches and pour these batches out. The culture will now have regenerated and therefore anything you do with the resultant cultures has no bearing on Happy Kombucha or anything we may sell.
Again for Legal purposes we have to state not for human consumption.

The packing we use is food grade plastic which is heat sealed, recent studies have shown the possibility that there might be traces of latex even in food grade plastic if you where allergic to these microscopic amounts of latex we would advise washing the grains and then brewing 3 or more batches throwing the resultant brew away before continuing (see above). 
 Again in order to keep Brussels happy not for human consumption.

Please consider consulting your doctor or even visit one of the many health forums on the internet as we cannot and will not be held responsible for any medical or liable issues to arise from buying handling and or eating and of the products we sell.
Again not for human consumption.



In regards to the quantity you will receive, The nice people at Brussels have made this aspect of our business very difficult. We will Always try to ensure you get a minimum of what you pay for  and in most cases you will get more. due to the nature of our products never being exactly the same size we cannot specify an exact size or weight  and any labelling of goods leaves us with the issue of legal statements so we don't.

We have never had any ill health complaints due to consumption of any of our cultures in fact we are often referred to by doctors and nutrition however again legally not for human consumption.
All information is provided for educational purposes and it is in no way meant to be taken as fact and we would recommend double checking any information found here with another independent source.
Happy Kombucha offers no medical, medicinal, nutritional information at all. 
any action carried out based on any information found this web site is done at the Persons own risk and Happy Kombucha cannot be held liable in any way.
if you have any problems understanding this disclaimer or would like any of the above explained please feel free to contact us to discuss it.
By making a purchase you are agreeing at point of sale to our disclaimer