Vegetable Fermentation crock/Sauerkraut pot 10 Lt. – Happy Kombucha
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Vegetable Fermentation crock/Sauerkraut pot 10 Lt.

Vegetable Fermentation crock/Sauerkraut pot 10 Lt.


  • Fermentation crock 10 Lt.
  • Making your own Sauerkraut/ 
  • Healthy Pot
  • With cover and Stones
  • Original from Germany

Fermentation crock pot – Organic food – Easy preservation of food products with the original salt-glazed fermentation crock pot.

Fermented vegetables made with lactic acid bacteria are organic and healthy – and easily prepared at home with the help of a fermentation crock pot. Our original sauerkraut pot with a lid and stone weights is ideally suited for organic production of food. Lactic acid bacteria ensure strictly organic preservation of various types of vegetables. Lactic acid fermentation in the fermentation crock pot is a gentle process that makes the food taste delicious and preserves it for many weeks.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the beneficial impact of sauerkraut on our well-being.


White cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables. In the most recent literature on nutrition research, cabbage is even described as a natural means for the prevention of cancer. In addition to white cabbage, cabbage types also include red cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Sauerkraut has proven to be an effective biological weapon against cancer. Also, a high content of roughage helps regulate digestion and lower cholesterol while the lactic acid fermentation bacteria developing in the fermentation crock pot help building a healthy gut flora.Vegetable matter in food fermented in a fermentation crock pot not only protects against cancer but also reduces inflammation and formation of fungi. During the biologic process of lactic acid fermentation, a natural anti-depressant forms in the vegetables, further promoting general well-being.


Fermenting sauerkraut or other vegetables in an original stoneware fermentation crock pot  will not interfere with the taste of the food thus prepared. Due to the proven and superior quality of our food-safe stoneware fermentation crock pots, our preserving pots are used primarily for the production of organic foodstuffs.

The BIO fermentation crock pots are ideal for a broad range of vegetables such as olives, peppers, mushrooms, pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, beans, celery, onions etc. and can even be used to make kombucha. Lactic acid fermentation causes the formation of valuable vitamins which remain in the vegetables for months. Isn’t that fantastic? Knowing this, you may want to completely change your nutrition and eating habits. Learn more about how to make organic sauerkraut!

Our stoneware fermentation crock pot with lid and water trough

A stoneware fermentation crock pot made by MS-Steinzeug makes the production of organic food really simple. Our fermentation crock pot with its well-shaped lid, convenient handle and broad water trough ensures air-tight sealing of the crock. The MS-Steinzeug fermentation crock pot facilitates a particularly gentle fermentation process and is easy to clean. Lactic acid bacteria are given optimum conditions for development and the biological preservation takes its course and runs absolutely smoothly. The two-piece stone weight is required to create the pressure necessary for lactic acid fermentation and helps ensure that the level of liquid in the sauerkraut crock is sufficient.

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