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1/2 Gallon Vegetable glass  jar with Sterilock®Air Lock (includes weights)

1/2 Gallon Vegetable glass jar with Sterilock®Air Lock (includes weights)


Make fermenting vegetables easier! This 1/2 gallon-size (approx 2.25L) glass jar includes a Sterilock® setup which facilitates gas escaping your fermented vegetables while keeping air out. This allows you to make pickles, sauerkraut, and other fermented vegetables, fruits, condiments, and more while greatly reducing and often eliminating the threat of mold.


  • Glass jar
  • lid fitted with a rubber grommet (BPA-free)
  • Sterilock®
  • 1 x ceramic fermentation weight

Why use a Sterilock®

No Contamination


Nanotechnology inside

The Sterilock® contains a patented Nanoseal that allows fermentation gases to safely vent, while preventing contaminants, including bacteria, from entering the fermentation vessel. Zero explosion riskThis ensures you don’t have to remember to vent build ups of CO2 that can sometimes lead to fermentation vessels exploding.


Soak to sanitise

Maintaining the Sterilock® is simply a matter of a quick soak in sanitising fluid prior to use.

Removable seal

Should the seal become particularly soiled, it can be removed in seconds and soaked separately.


Virtually unbreakable

Injection moulded from food safe plastics and silicon rubber, the Sterilock® is virtually unbreakable. As too is the porous plastic Nanoseal which, when sanitised before each use, will last almost indefinitely.

Using the Fermented Vegetable jar with Fermentation Weights

Weights are ideal for whole or cut veggies. For shredded or very small pieces of cut up veggies, use multiple sets of weights, or use strips of a cabbage leaf crisscrossed over the top of the veggies and tucked down the sides of the jar. Ensure the cabbage strips are well submerged under the brine. We supply a pebble with the jar but more can be purchased if you need them


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