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Dehydrated Milk kefir grains gift kit

Dehydrated Milk kefir grains gift kit

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Please note as these are live cultures there can at times of high demand be a small wait for orders.
please read our shipping page for full details

These grains are designed to be gifted and are presented in boxed packaging.

Kit contains

  • 1x Dehydrated Milk kefir grains (1/2 teaspoon to enable you to brew 250ml immediately once the grains are activated)
  • Full activation and brewing instructions

These grains are dehydrated so require no special storage or treatment before us. They do however need to be activated before use. Full activation instructions are included.

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 You will receive one measured teaspoon of grains that have been dehydrated. This is 1/2 teaspoon of grains after dehydration.

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