yogi Organic Rooibos Vanilla tea – Happy Kombucha
yogi Organic Rooibos Vanilla tea

yogi Organic Rooibos Vanilla tea


This tea can also be used to flavour kombucha in a second ferment. Works best with green tea based kombucha and the rooibos and Vanilla and spices add a nice subtle flavour to your booch. 


After flying so far during the day, the mind returns from its travels in the evening. Rooibos and camomile blossoms gently embrace it and lay it to rest for the night. Sweet chocolate and vanilla fragrances sing a lullabye and it is enveloped by warm spices such as cloves, ginger and black pepper. The subtle message of this tea is: "Safe and sound in the Earth's lap."

Ingredients:rooibos*, chamomile flowers*, cocoa shells*, liquorice*, vanilla extract*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, lemon balm extract*, nutmeg*, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*

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