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Cassia Bark Chips Cinnamon), Organic

Cassia Bark Chips Cinnamon), Organic


This is the cassia bark, which is very similar to, though not identical to, regular cinnamon. It's commonly used in curries and has a stronger flavour than cinnamon which makes it perfect for infusing into your kombucha .

We find this works better than regular cinnamon as it is in larger pieces and is easier to filter or strain out of your drink and it has a stronger flavour meaning you use less of it. 

In India, they call this cassia "cinnamon" and this is what they use for curries.


Simply pop a few pieces in to your second ferment and leave at room temperature for a few days to infuse. If you want a stronger flavour add more.

It can also be used in cooking. 
Soil Association certified organically grown herb. 


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