Glass Kilner Fermenting Bottle 750ml (brown) – Happy Kombucha
Glass Kilner Fermenting Bottle 750ml (brown)

Glass Kilner Fermenting Bottle 750ml (brown)


Kilner Home Brew 750ml Glass Bottle is made from robust, durable glass. The swingtop locking system with a rubber seal and ceramic stopper is designed to keep contents fresh. The bottle is re-usable and is dishwasher safe. H 330mm x W 85mm.

Width: 85 mm

Height: 305 mm

Length: 85 mm

Available with or without the lids. 


Why do I need to use fermenting bottles? 

Poor quality or thin glass can actually be dangerous for Second fermentation (F2) if the pressure in the bottle builds up too much. You should also avoid square-shaped bottles since those are more prone to explosions. I really want to stress the importance of using good-quality bottles and caps for second fermentation. You’re brewing a carbonated beverage and it’s a living thing, so it can be difficult to achieve perfect consistency every single time. If you use thin glass or poor-quality glass, you could have a mess on your hands if the carbonation builds and the glass can’t handle it.

 Keeping your F2 bottles in a closed cabinet or box will prevent glass from shattering everywhere and contain the liquid mess if something does happen to go wrong. But you should still steer clear of:

  • Decorative, colored glass that’s not meant to hold liquids

  • Flip-top bottles from IKEA 

  • Square bottles (the shape doesn’t lend itself well to handling pressure and makes it more prone to explosions)  

  • Recycled beer bottles (Recycled kombucha bottles are fine) 

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