TE2 Heat tray to hold 2x Glass jars – Happy Kombucha
TE2 Heat tray to hold 2x Glass jars

TE2 Heat tray to hold 2x Glass jars


The optimum brew temperature for brewing kombucha is around 70F. 

fermenting tray designed specifically for 2x 2.5 (1/2 Gallon) or 2 x 5litre plastic Brewing containers. This heat tray'sThermostatic control ensures a fermenting temperature of between 22 and 27 degrees C. Detatchable power lead for ease of cleaning and storage. 230 volts 25 watts.

Low Wattage/Economical
Controlled Heat
Thermally Insulated Base
Safe for Glass or Plastic Containers
Easy to clean
Heater On/Off Light
Size: 32cm
Please note: This heat pad is thermostatically controlled at a pre-set temperature and isn't manually adjustable. Not be used in direct sunlight, with the vessel covered or in a room with a high ambient temperature. 

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