Organic Kombucha Scoby freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Organic Kombucha Scoby freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Organic Kombucha Scoby


This scoby is large and powerful and will enable you to easily and safely brew. Our scobies are the biggest and best on the market and we are the market leader in providing live cultures and have been for over a decade.
Whilst there will always be some variations of size as scobies are a natural product on average our Large scobies are 16cm in diameter and at least 1.5cm thick. Our standards scobies are 10cm in diameter and at least 1cm thick. Our Continuous Brewing Pack contains two of our Large scobies.
All of Kombucha Cultures are:
  • Grown in Soil association Certified ingr edients, which are GMO free.
  • UKAS Lab tested (lab verified)
  • We guarantee that your culture will work
  • Lifetime supply of Culture- If you take care of your scoby you will never need to purchase one again. Your brew will grow a baby every time you use it.  
  • We are a food registered company 
  • All of our food handlers hold at least level 2 food hygiene certificates
  • We have a full food safety programme in place (Haccp plan)
  • Daily Ph tests are carried out on our cultures
  • All live cultures are ready to to ferment as soon as they arrive
  • All cultures are picked and packed to order daily
  • All packaging is food grade and heat sealed
  • Full paper instructions are provided with every culture (not just online) but we also provide access to our online instructions and tutorial videos and youtube channel
  • Full customer support- We are here to help and for as long as you need us. When you buy one of our cultures one of our Culture experts is available to via email or telephone or in person to help you with your brew. You can come back to us at any point for help. We will do everything we can to help you happily make wonderful Kombucha.

    Kombucha is similar to Kefir  in that it creates a probiotic drink and reproduces itself in a similar manner. Many people call Kombucha a fungus or mushroom however it is not. It is classed as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) and it lives on sugary tea.

    With every brew a new baby is formed so if well cared for your Scoby will give you Kombucha for life.

    Kombucha has a distinct crisp/tarte/slightly sour flavour to it and this flavour can be altered and adjusted by altering the brewing time and the ingredients used. A shorter brewing time makes a sparkling, crisp and fruity tea drink while a longer brew time makes a drink similar to apple cider vinegar (but loaded with goodness!).

    Unlike kefir grains that need to be changed everyday Kombucha only needs to be changed every 5-30 days (depending on taste and brewing conditions)

    Science has come to accept there is some truth in the enthusiastic claims made for probiotics that they help fight 'bad' bugs in your gut and improve intestinal health.



    Again unlike other sellers we are not going to give you a long list of unproven and possibly misleading health claims, if you are reading this then you already know how good Kombucha is for you (if not, feel free to google it you really will be amazed!).

    If you need any further information please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be very happy to help. 


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