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happy kombucha scoby

Large Kombucha Scoby


This scoby will enable you to powerfully brew up to 2 ltrs of Kombucha in no time at all. 
All of our Scobies are grown using organic ingredients , hand grown  and healthy. It also includes a full guide to brewing Kombucha.
Strong starter tea liquid is supplied in the bag and your scoby includes full  Web support to help you brew.

So What is Kombucha?.....

Described as a ‘miracle cure-all’ by herbalists and health representatives across the world, Kombucha tea is without a doubt a medicinal masterpiece that is renowned for its highly beneficial properties. Believed to offer beneficial levels of health and vitality to those ingesting it, it has been a very popular drink that has been consumed for many generations.

In certain countries where western medicine is scarce or not as well advertised, it is naturally sourced cultures and ingredients such as Kombucha that are relied on as the best way to fight off illnesses and diseases. Following a great deal of research and investigation, results on the benefits of this tea have yielded surprising data which include its ability to not only fight off many diseases and sicknesses but also promote a wonderful balance to your body’s metabolism and organ operation. Effervescent and surprisingly pleasant to the taste buds, enjoy this wonderful energy booster day or night and feel revitalised and refreshed today.

Kombucha is similar to Kefir  in that it creates a probiotic drink and reproduces itself in a similar manner. Many people call Kombucha a fungus or mushroom however it is not. It is classed as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) and it lives on sugary tea.

With every brew a new baby is formed so if well cared for your Scoby will give you Kombucha for life.

Kombucha has a distinct crisp/tarte/slightly sour flavour to it and this flavour can be altered and adjusted by altering the brewing time and the ingredients used. A shorter brewing time makes a sparkling, crisp and fruity tea drink while a longer brew time makes a drink similar to apple cider vinegar (but loaded with goodness!).

Unlike kefir grains that need to be changed everyday Kombucha only needs to be changed every 5-14 days (depending on taste and brewing conditions)

Science has come to accept there is some truth in the enthusiastic claims made for probiotics that they help fight 'bad' bugs in your gut and improve intestinal health.

And now research suggests that probiotics could have benefits that extend beyond the gut, such as treating illnesses from type-1 diabetes to fibromyalgia. 

There is also interest in preliminary research suggesting that probiotics might even be able to enhance weight loss. 

Scientists are developing specific probiotics to prevent dental cavities, probiotic lozenges for sore throats, probiotic nasal sprays and probiotic deodorant sticks that deal with the bacteria that cause body odour.

They're talking about probiotic vaccines to treat inflammatory diseases and probiotic cleaning products for the home.


Again unlike other sellers we are not going to give you a long list of unproven and possibly misleading health claims, if you are reading this then you already know how good Kombucha is for you (if not, feel free to google it you really will be amazed!).

If you need any further information please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be very happy to help. 

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