Kombucha 2 Litre Glass jar heater – Happy Kombucha
2 Litre Kombucha heat tray

TE1 Heat Tray for 1 glass Jar


Designed to fit one 2, 5 or 8 ltr Glass kombucha brewing jars or a 5 litre plastic Kombucha fermenting vessel (this heater is suitable for the porcelain Kombucha Crock). Thermostatically controlled to maintain a liquid temperature approximately 9 deg C above ambient room temperature, giving a fermenting temperature of 22-29 deg C in most domestic environments.

Low Wattage/Economical
Controlled Heat
Thermally Insulated Base
Safe for Glass or Plastic Containers
Easy to clean
Heater On/Off Light

uses 10 Watts

Please note: This heat pad is thermostatically controlled at a preset temperature and isn't manually adjustable. Not be used in direct sunlight, with the vessel covered or in a room with a high ambient temperature. The temperature must be regularly checked to ensure the correct fermenting temperature is being maintained.

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