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Vegetable fermenting Crock


 This beautiful hand made porcelain crock is ideal for fermenting vegetables in. It comes with an internal weight to keep your vegetables submerged during fermentation and a cloth and elastic to cover the crock. Make your own amazing fermented vegetables in style.


Porcelain vegetable Crock is Hand Made and Hand painted by a renowned east Sussex Potter and made specially for Happy Kombucha. You will not find any other vegetable fermenting Crock of this style and quality anywhere else. The Porcelain Crock is suitable holds approximatley 4 litres (we recommend that you only fill it 80% full).  We keep limited stock of this item so if the item is out of stock it is commissioned so it can take up to 4 weeks for it to be made, depending on the potters Kiln cycle. We will keep you updated on the crocks progress and give you an approximate date for delivery.

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